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The and Perl monger groups, DeepText LLC, and the “Business in .RU-style” club propose to organise YAPC::Europe 2010 in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine.


The conference is expected to take place from Wednesday August 18th through Friday August 20th, 2010. The final dates might be changed (though the conference would still remain in August or July), and we expect to fix the dates before the end of YAPC::Europe in 2009.

The main venue we are going to rent is the Cultural and Art Center of National University “Kiev-Mogyla Academy”.
Several conference rooms, two (bigger ones) of them theater-style, are available:
* Large (seats 700 people);
* Medium-sized (seets 200);
* Two smaller rooms (each seats 140).


In addition, there are a registration hall and a coffee-break hall.


Thus, it is possible to organize up to four tracks of talks.
The center is situated in downtown Kiev near the river: It is easily reached by both metro, public transport, and even by funicular ( It is also possible to walk from the center of the city along the scenic Andriyivskyy Descent street (
Further information about the center is available on Wikipedia (
If Kiev is the chosen locale, we will also try to find other venues in order to minimize expenses and maximize attractiveness.
Possible solutions include:
* Venues offered by other institutes (negotiations and planning will be necessary as there is a timeframe for reservations).
* Conference rooms at the President Hotel (, a venue where other IT-conferences have recently taken place.
Venue equipment the center has
* Multimedia projectors and screens.
* Audio equipment.
* It is possible to organize both audio and video recordings from each room.
* Wi-Fi access is to be provided separately.


We propose the conference theme “Orange Perl”. This isn't inspired by Flickr photos(, but rather indicates the “Perl revolution” which will happen before Christmas, and a reference to the protest events taking place in Kiev several years ago (



The conference's website will be a traditional Act-based site with wiki pages, along with pages about Kiev (and information on how not to become lost there). The Act base makes it possible for attendees at previous events to have an easy log-in process.


Audio and video recordings

Recordings of Perl events have become more popular recently; they should become a standard feature of any event. We are going to organize video and audio recordings from every talk, and publish them afterwards on the and websites.
Online broadcasting
We are also going to organize live audio streaming on during the conference.
Depending on local internet facilities, video broadcasting may be organized.
Taking into account the continuing Global financial crisis (, the recession of late 2000s (, and the map of affected areas during the last three years ( it is more wise to host YAPC::Europe in Africa we decided to calculate the most minimal budget, to prove that it is possible to organize an event even in the worst case (no sponsors and limited incomings from attendee fees).
The two main expenses are:
* Venue rent;
* The Attendees' dinner, and coffe-breaks.
We believe that it is possible to cover that minimum with our own resources. Our colleagues suggested that we ask local companies to prepare the food for attendees, which drastically reduces the cost of coffee-breaks and dinner.
Attendance fee levels
Remembering the facts from the previous section, and trying to follow the spirit of YAPCs, we estimate the standard attendance fee to be 99 €, and set additional levels for those who meet specific conditions:
* 49 € for students (proof of enrollment and/or other documentation required);
* 79 € for early-bird registrations (the option will expire three months before the conference);
* 1999 € (no typos in number) for buisiness registrations (good explanations of this price are available in a Newsletter issued by YAPC::Europe 2009's organizers:
Attendees paying any of these fees will receive:
* The ability to attend any talk during the main conference time (three days);
* Coffee-breaks and entrance to the attendees' dinner at the end of the second (or third) day;
* A commemorative t-shirt or a mug with conference symbolics;
* A personal badge.
Additional—almost zero—level of fee

To help promote Perl to local users and to allow more people to hear Perl stars, we propose that a fourth level of attendance fee be made available:

* 24.99 €.
Attendees at the 25 € level will receive:
* A personal badge;
* The ability to attend every talk during the main three-day programme.
Food will not be complimentary at this attendance level, but there will still be an opportunity to buy food on-site. We hope this low-level fee will discourage people from registering but not then attending.
Zero fee
Two categories of attendees may enter the conference free:
* Speakers (except those who give lightning talk(s) only);
* A person who brings the sponsor (sponsorship must result in a donation of at least 250 €).

Registration process

Each approved attendee receives a link to a page with personal bar-code, which should be printed and brought to the conference. This bar-code will speed up the registration process and eliminate the possibility of misunderstanding foreign names that exists in a crowded (and therefore noisy) registration hall. This bar-code technique has been tested several times and has been used successfully since's first event. Tbe bar-code is not the only proof of registration that will be accepted; attendees with no printout will also be served.


People who need a stamp in their business trip list should write “DeepText LLC, Moscow, Russia” as the destination company.

Talk schedule
Our initial goal is three talk tracks of varing length, from 20-minute talk slots up to keynotes of 1 hour. It is possible to organize a fourth track if enough good talk proposals are submitted. Two lightning talks sessions (not overlapping with other talks) will be reserved at the end of the first two days.
Workshops, seminars and master classes
We propose that the conference be organized so that it ends on Friday. This would allow us to organize additional seminars (paid or not), workshopds, hackathons and master classes on Monday and Tuesday, as well as on the weekend.
The number, pricing, and schedule of such events depend on the class trainers, hackathon leaders, and others who would like to volunteer to organize such events.
Additional programme
Kiev is a city where you can sighesee for a week, and feel as if you haven't seen anything. We propose several types of excursions for people who stay for the weekend after the conference.

Detailed information is available later in this document in the sections related to Kiev sightseeing.

The proposed event will be promoted through standard Perl-related websites such as, communities, Perl community ad server, and also in mailing lists of PM-groups participating in the organizational process. Twitter, and RSS feeds of the process will be launched as well.
Those of us who attend Perl-related (and not only) events may give lightning talks of what YAPC is and where it will happen next time. essentials

The ( Perl mongers group has been active since November 2007, and has grown from 2 people to 185 members. The group meets offline every one or two months.


The creation of resulted in the formation of several new groups after that first workshop in Moscow. essentials
The ( group resides in Kiev. There are 150 registered users, 80 of them live in Kiev. The group was the co-organizer of two Ukrainian Perl Workshops in 2008 and 2009. essentials

The ( group was the initiator and the organizer of “South Perl”, the first workshop we hosted in the Southern part of Russia.

Perl events we've organized
Since the end of 2007 we ( alone or jointly with other PM-goups) have organized ten events in five countries, in both the European and Asian parts of the continent:
* Russia: Moscow (3 events), Vladivostok, Rostov-on-Don;
* Ukraine: Kiev (2);
* Belarus: Minsk;
* Bulgaria: Sofia;
* Uzbekistan: Tashkent.
* Held the First Russian Perl Workshop “Perl Today”. Moscow (Russia), 26th October.
* Held the First Ukrainian Perl Workshop “Perl Mova”. Kiev (Ukraine), 23th March.
* Held the First YAPC::Russia “May Perl”. Moscow (Russia), 17–18th May.
* Held the Second Russian Perl Workshop “Far East Perl”. Vladivostok (Russia), 26th September.
* Held the First Belarusian Perl Workshop “BY Perl”. Minsk (Belarus), 18th October.
* Held the Third Russian Perl Workshop “South Perl”. Rostov-on-Don (Russia), 2nd November.
* Held the First Bulgarian Perl Workshop “BG Perl”. Sofia (Bulgaria), 31th January.
* Held the Second Ukrainian Perl Workshop “Perl Mova — 2”. Kiev (Ukraine), 7th March.
* Held the First Uzbek Perl Workshop “Perl Tashkent”. Tashkent (Uzbekistan), 13th May.
* Held the Second YAPC::Russia “May Perl — 2”. Moscow (Russia), 16–17th May.
Planning further Perl events
We are planning to continue annual events in countries we have already covered, and are going to introduce Perl events in Blatic states and Kazakhstan.
These are the events that may be considered more or less realistic:
* The Second Belarusian Perl Workshop “BY Perl — 2”. Minsk (Belarus), 12th September.
* The Baltic Perl Workshop. Riga (Latvia), 21st November.

* The Fourth Russian Perl Workshop “South Perl — 2”. Rostov-on-Don (Russia). October or November.

* The Fifth Russian Perl Workshop “Saint-Perl”. Saint-Petersburg (Russia). 18th December.
* The Second Bulgarian Perl Workshop “BG Perl — 2”. Sofia (Bulgaria), late January.
* The Sixth Russian Perl Workshop “Perlburg”. Ekaterinburg (Russia), February.
* The Third Ukrainian Perl Workshop “Perl Mova — 3”. Kiev (Ukraine), early March.
* The Third YAPC::Russia “May Perl — 3”. Moscow (Russia), mid-May.
This lists doesn't include possible events whose reality is not yet clear or mostly depends on local organizers.
Perl activities in Ukraine and surrounding countries
The group is big enough which means that people from Ukraine are interested in Perl, its usage and culture. There also exists another Ukrainian monger group,
There were two workshops in Kiev in the beginning of 2008 and 2009, and the number of people demonstated that the workshops in Kiev have the potential to be continued in future. They have attracted people not only from Ukraine itself, but also from neighbouring Russia, Belarus, and even from Denmark, Great Britain and Slovakia.
Kiev or Kyiv 
You may see two different spellins of the name of the city: Kiev and Kyiv. They both refer to the same city. The difference occures from different ways of transliterating the name: Kiev is the Russian variant, while Kyiv is the letter-by-letter transliteration of the name from the Ukrainian language.
Information about Kiev
We will provide a phone numbers and the e-mail address: attendees may call the organisers and ask questions regarding navigation (getting from the airports to the venue etc.), or get answers to other important questions, such as “How do I get to the pre-conference beer meeting?”.
Facts about Kiev
These facts are the result of brain storming in the cafe, and thus may be more or less close to the truth. After you see for youself you will believe it!
1. Kiev is one of the oldest cities in Europe.
2. Kiev is the greenest capital in Europe.
3. It is the geographical center of Europe. (Or Eastern Europe, if you want.)
4. There is active Perl community here with regular meetings.
5. There are lots of institutes here.
6. Wooded hills form the skyline of Kiev.
7. Companies using and writing open source code are located in Kiev.
8. No visas are needed to enter Kiev.
9. Cafes, bars and restaurants of national and European cuisine are available.
10. Perl joins countries, namely: and jointly organize events here.
11. There is a symbol for the Euro in the Ukrainian alphabet (
12. Famous Ukrainians and brands are known world-wide (Timishenko, Klichko; Obolon beer).
13. There are organized excursions to Chernobyl.
14. Euro 2012 championship will be hosted in Ukraine (
15. Kiev was the capital of the ancient Russian state (
16. Kiev has become a vacation and holiday destination for people from Russia.
Getting to Kiev
There are many flights to Kiev from European cities. Here is a table of randomly selected cities and lowest round-trip prices in Euros available today for late May of 2010.
Cheap direct flights are operated by Ukrainian International Airlines ( There are other multiple variants—some of which are even cheaper—if you choose a connecting flight. Lowerst prices are given in bold. 
Lisbon Madrid Paris Berlin Rome London
Ukrainian International Airlines 215



255 140
195 130
TAP 275
Lufthansa 205



Czech Airlines


Malev 255
KLM 430


Austrian Airlines 212



Swiss 330
BMI 210
BA 300
Sample prices for local transport are as follows:
* Taxi from the airport to the center of the city — 15...20 €.
* Bus from the airport to the metro or railway station — 2.33 €.
* Metro (one trip, not depending on distance) — 0.18 €.
* City public transport — 0.14 €.
There are many hotels in the city, situated both in the center and as well as downtown, closer to the venue (however, that does not mean the venue is far from center). There are even a few hotels on the river (
Prices may vary from 50 € (single room in “Kozatsky” hotel in the very center of Kiev,, prices in UAH) through 100 € up to infinity.
A few hostels around the venue and in the center offer sleep space from 10 to 15 € per night. Some of them offer discounts for membership card holders.
Kiev sightseeing
Kiev is very charm city: it becomes green early in spring and stays bright until the end of autumn. It stands on Dnieper River: right side of the city was historically build on hills and it is now one of the most attractive skylines of the city.
The central streets of Kiev, together with major cathedrals, Lavra monastery and river-side may be briefly sightseen in two or three days of walk trips.
The brief list of most famous places includes:
* Maidan, the central square and the place of Orange Revolution(
* Khreshchatyk, the central street ( This street becomes pedestrianized every weekend (
* House with Chimaeras (
* Two bell towers standing in front of each other:
** Saint Sophia Cathedral (
** St. Michael's Golden-Domed Monastery (
* Kiev Pechersk Lavra, the ancient monastery with underground caves (
* Views of (and from) Dnieper River (
We can also ask for organizing amazing Segway excursions on the weekend (, or short visits to Chernobyl nuclear power station (, the latter kind of entertaiment has became a usual point in a list of interesting places to visit).
Visas issues
Before Eurovision in 2005, Ukraine decided to cancel obligatory visas for people from the EU ( Currently, people from the EU, as well as USA and a few other countries, are allowed to enter Ukraine without visas.
Ukraine's borders are also open for people from Russia and Belarus, which altogether makes Kiev the best ever city in YAPC::Europe history in terms of easy access and reachability, as the huge territory covers the whole length of the continent.
Languages in Kiev and Ukraine
People living in Kiev are often bilingual and speak both Ukrainian and Russian (or at least understand one of them). Most of the younger people speak English.
Kiev metro system
The Kiev metro consists of three lines. Attendees of the conference should know that it connects both the center of the city and the railway station with the venue.
Money, currency and credit cards
ATM machines can be found everywhere, starting from the airport: in hotels, on the streets, and in large stores. Credit cards are in use, but be aware that they are not widely accepted in smaller shops, although it is possible to pay in hotels and stores.
The national currency is Ukrainian hryvna (UAH). The current (June of 2009) exchange rate is approx. 10 UAH per EUR. Hryvna is the only official currency in the country, but you can freely change euros and dollars in exchange bureaus, located in banks, hotels, or on the street.
Why is an event in Kiev being organized by
It may sound strange that the event in Ukraine is being organized mostly by people from Russia. In fact, there is nothing odd here; the reasons are simple.
* First, there is no language barrier between Russians and Ukrainians: most of Ukrainians speak Russian, and some Russians understand Ukrainian.
* Second, the border between two countries is transparent enought that it is not difficult to visit Kiev as often as necessary.
* Third, we have organized events in five countries, and Ukraine is easiest and nearest location compared to the others we have been in—and we have already organized two workshops there, they were attended by 40 and 60 local people in 2008 and 2009 respectively.
DeepText LLC
DeepText company was established in 2007 to help organizing Perl events in Russia and neighbouring countries. The company stands behind every event mentioned earlier in the list of our events. It has sponsored Jonathan Worthington's work on multiple dispatch in Perl 6 and brian d foy's visit to YAPC::Russia in 2009.
DeepText online:
“Buisiness in .RU-style” club

“Business in .RU-style” is a non-profit organization founded in 2004 by students of State University—Higher School of Economics. This club played the main role in searching and preparing the venues for both YAPCs::Russia and several other meetings and a hackmeet.

They have organized more than 40 public events, regular meetings of MySQL and PostgreSQL Moscow user groups, and keynotes by people working in major internet companies. The club takes part in a number of Russian technology- and business-related conferences, and was the co-organizer of TEDxRussia (independent locally organized version of TED conference) event in Moscow (, in Russian).

Club online: (in Russian).
Leading organisers

These people are responsible for the whole conference organisation.

* Andrew Shitov, overall management;

* Alex Kapranoff and

* Ruslan Zakirov and

* Andrey Zavyalov, primary organizers and schedule managers;
* Peter Fedin, the leader of “Buisiness in .RU-style”, on-site activity manager;

* Ivan Serezhkin, video and sound recording and online broadcasting;

* Sergey Gulko, leader;
* Anatoly Sharifulin, leader;

* Sergey Yushkov, Kiev navigation assistant.



Andrew Shitov <>