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I think Kiev is a good venue. No one has any visa issues getting to Ukraine, so it would open up YAPC::Europe to people from eastern Europe and Russia who wouldn't otherwise be able to go. They did a good job with YAPC::Russia...

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The and Perl monger groups, DeepText LLC propose to organise YAPC::Europe 2013 in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine.

We have organized a number of events in different countries, including five YAPC::Russia in Moscow and Kiev and YAPC::Europe in Riga.


The conference is expected to take place in mid-August 2013. The final dates will be fixed until the end of 2012.



We have already contacted a few potential venues, all of them are available for the summer of 2013.

The venues have facilities to organize catering, sponsor booths, as well as all the needed audio/multimedia equipment for talks and keynotes. We will review all of them once again to choose the best one by considering their distance from the center, price, interior and catering options.

1. The Ukrainian House

We consider this venue the main candidate for the venue of the conference because of its location.

It is located in the city centre, 5 minute walk distance from the central square, 10 minute walk to the Dnieper River with a beautiful sightseeing place.

The Ukrainian House is an 5-storey exhibition place with a number of rooms and halls of different capacity. We would rent three rooms for the conference:

— Theater style main room, 300 seats, equipped with audio and multimedia.

— Two smaller rooms (~100 seats each), beamers for rent.

Wireless internet available, to be rented separately.

Catering inside the venue, with standing or seating places for lunch.

Equipped for disabled access.

3D tour: 

2. Master Class Cultural Center

Right in front of Kyiv-Pechers’k Lavra (


Conference room up to 350 people

Small room for 100 people

Hall suitable to organize 100 seats

Wireless internet and video recording available.

3. President Hotel

It is a modern place located 1 km away from the city centre, 5 km from the Central railway station. The hotel’s conference halls are well known among the organizers of other IT events in Kiev and it seems to be quite popular place that can hold our desired number of people.

There are two different buildings, the first contains:

— Big conference room, seats 250 people.

— 4 smaller rooms (A-D) for 50-20 people, which can be configured to become two rooms, each for 80-140 seats with noise-protected walls.


There’s also a separate congress hall for 465 seats located in a building close by. We can use it together with the main set if there will be more attendees that the main conference hall can keep.

Wireless internet is available.

Dinner and coffee-breaks are organizable.

Additional rooms behind the scene may be used, we may use them as speaker rooms etc.

Lift can be used by disabled people.

4. Parus Business Centre,

It is 100 m from the President Hotel, so all the distances are the same.

What they offer:

— Conference room, seats 300 people

— Small conference room, seats 160 people

— A huge Hall for 400 people with a possibility to isolate a room for 80 people

Wireless internet and catering are available.

The Ukrainian Association of Disabled People hosted an event in this venue once.

There are more options available in Kiev that we keep in mind as a backup plan:

5. European University

Close to the subway station

Conference room for 300 people

Big room for 200

Small room for 100

Talk rooms 15-20 people


6. Conference Services Kiev 

Rooms for 320, 200, 200 and 150 seats.

7. Bratislava Hotel

Rooms with 250, 110, 80 and 250 seats.


We propose the conference theme “Future Perl” as an indication of the fact that Perl has been developing during the last years and nobody is going to stop doing that.


Attendance fee levels

We propose four different fee levels.

— 110 € is regular fee;

— 90 € early bird price (valid before 1 of April);

— 60 € student price (proof of enrollment and/or other documentation required);

— 400 € business price.

Attendees paying any of these fees will receive:

* The ability to attend any talk during the main conference time (three days);

* Coffee-breaks and entrance to the attendees' cruise at the end of the second day;

* A personal badge.

* A T-shirt.


Zero fee

Speakers (except those who give lightning talk(s) only) do not pay for the conference, catering and cruise.


The main expenses we expect are:

* Venue rent;

* Food;

* River cruise;

* Guest speakers.

The budget estimation calculations has been sent to the Venue Committee as a separate document.



The conference's website will be a traditional Act-based site with wiki pages, along with pages about Kiev (and information on how not to become lost there). Canonical URL will be used:

We will also add extra functionality:

* Submitting Auction lots online

   It was tested during the YAPC::Europe in Riga:

* Hotel search in Kiev

   Again, we did that before in Riga:

   We’ll try to negotiate with the hotel reservation agency to get the discounts for the attendees.

*  Air tickets online search

   This functionality was tested during the last YAPC::Russia + Perl Mova 2012: 

Registered attendees will receive a personal code that will be used to speed up the check-in process in the venue. We will also try our best to avoid long queue based on our experience in Riga.

Wireless internet

Wi-Fi access will be available free of charge for every attendee. It is provided by the venue owners. The simplest possible scheme for accessing will be implemented.


We will also test if Mac, Windows and Linux (Ubuntu) users are able to connect without hard work. SSH ports will be open as well.

In Riga, we rented additional equipment and invited a sysadmin who maintained the network during the whole conference.


It is standard 220 V / 50 Hz electricity, and commonly used F sockets will be found in the venue. We’ll provide enough power sockets to let people use their laptops during the conference (or is it old-fashioned? :-) Basically, we’ve got a huge box with cords left from Riga in the garage.

Speakers, Schedule and Talks

We are going to repeat all the best things we saw during the previous conferences. Some of them are:

The beginner track. This is a separate one day track specially intended to those who are not fluent in Perl yet. The track will be placed in the schedule in the first of the three days for better efficiency.

Speaker rooms. There will be one or two rooms in the venue where the speakers of the conference can prepare there talks (hopefully, not from scratch :-) and test there slides.

Speaker trainings. It is a free seminar for those who are going to speak at the conference and have questions regarding the style of their presentations etc. We introduced this type of event in Riga and it was warmly accepted.

Lightning talks. Regular set of three 1 hour slots in the end of every day.

Guest keynotes. We will reserve morning slots for the keynotes.

20, 40 and 60 minute talks. We find this duration options the best and will fit the talks so that the gaps between them happen simultaneously. That allows the attendees to switch talk rooms easily. The only significant difference from what we had in Riga will be bigger pauses before lightning talk sessions.

BOFs. The attendees will be able to organize ad hoc meetings on different topics. We expect to gather suggestions for BOF topics before the conference.

Workshops, seminars and master classes

Traditional workshop/seminar days will be added to the conference days (before and/or after) to allow hackatons and paid classes.


The number, pricing, and schedule of such events depend on the class trainers, hackathon leaders, and others who would like to volunteer to organize such events.


Video recordings

We keep believing that video recordings is a must-do in our XXI century. This time we’d like to hire cameramen personnel to ensure video quality and camera safety.

Additional programme

Among the fact Kiev is a beautiful city by itself we offer a special programme for our attendees. It will include the pre-conference meeting, river cruise and partner programme.

Pre-conference meeting will happen in the evening before the conference in centrally located Mikhaylovsky cafe. This is the traditional place for pre/post-conference meetings for both YAPC::Russia (when it is in Kiev) and Perl Mova workshops.

River cruise at the end of the second day of the conference lets the attendees not only to communicate with each other and have some refreshments but also allows to see the amazing landscape of Kiev from water. This type of entertainment was tested during the YAPC::Russia in Kiev in 2010. The river cruise is a replacement of traditional attendees dinner.

Partner programme, according to the feedback we had after the conference in Riga, is a popular part of the conferences since the YAPC in Lisbon. Depending on the number of family members coming to Kiev with the attendees we will offer some day-time activities for them. One of the proposals is an excursion to the caves of Kiev-Pechersk Lavka. It’s an example of perfect touristic day time activity.


There will be two coffee breaks and a lunch during each day of the conference. Depending on the demand, we will take care of vegetarian food. Food labels will be provided for easy ingredient identification.


The proposed event will be promoted through standard Perl-related websites such as, Perl community ad server, and also in mailing lists of PM-groups participating in the organizational process. Twitter, and RSS feeds of the process will be launched as well.


We do not plan to make preliminary voting for the talks, but there will be a standard option which allows to build up a personal schedule, marking talks with a star.


After the conference we’ll send e-mails proposing to take part in the YAPC Survey questionnaire (

Kiev or Kyiv 

You may see two different spellings of the name of the city: Kiev and Kyiv. They both refer to the same city. The difference comes from two ways of transliterating the name: Kiev is the Russian variant, while Kyiv is the letter-by-letter transliteration of the name from the Ukrainian language.


Getting to Kiev

There are many flights to Kiev from European cities. Here is a list of a few of them and the lowest round-trip prices in Euros available today for June of 2013 on


London 214, Amsterdam 150, Riga 164, Stockholm 185, Paris 175, Berlin 160, Frankfurt 208, Rome 158, Madrid 315, Lisbon 230.

Cheap direct flights are operated by Ukrainian International Airlines ( There are other multiple cheap variants if you choose a connecting flight.



Sample prices for local transport are as follows:

* Taxi from the airport to the center of the city ~20 €.

* Bus from the airport to the metro or railway station — 2.50 €.

* Metro (one trip, not depending on distance) — 0.20 €.

* City public transport — 0.15–0.30 €.





There are many hotels in the city, situated both in the center and in downtown. There are even a few hotels on the river. Not to mention that some of the venue candidates are hotels themselves.


Prices may vary from 40 € (a room in Slavutich 3 star hotel), through 100 € up to infinity. The rooms in the President Hotel **** begin from 110 €.

There will be no Euro 2012 in Kiev in 2013, thus room prices will return to their regular values.



A few hostels around in the center offer sleep space from 15 to 20 € per night. Some of them offer discounts for membership card holders.



It is also possible to rent an apartment at ~50 € a night. The attendees of our previous events in Kiev used that facility and were satisfied with the quality.

This map gives an idea of the number of hotels in Kiev.

Kiev sightseeing

Kiev is a very charming city: it becomes green early in spring and stays bright until the end of autumn. It stands on the Dnieper River: right side of the city was historically build on hills and it is now one of the most attractive skylines of the city.


The central streets of Kiev, together with major cathedrals, the Lavra monastery and river-side may be briefly sight-seen in two or three days of walk trips.

The brief list of most famous places includes:


* Maidan, the central square (


* Khreshchatyk, Kiev’s central street ( This street becomes pedestrianized every weekend (


* House with Chimaeras (


* Two bell towers standing in front of each other:


** Saint Sophia Cathedral (


** St. Michael's Golden-Domed Monastery (


* Kiev Pechersk Lavra, the ancient monastery with underground caves (


* Views of (and from) Dnieper River (


No visas

Before Eurovision in 2005, Ukraine decided to cancel obligatory visas for people from the EU ( It was also a great relief for the visitors of Euro 2012 in Kiev.


The citizens of the following countries may enter Ukraine with no visas or minor requirements: Andorra, Argentina, Armenia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Brunei, Bulgaria, Canada, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Malta, Moldova, Monaco, Mongolia, Montenegro, Netherlands, Norway, Paraguay, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, San Marino, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, South Korea, Sweden, Switzerland, Tajikistan, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States, Uzbekistan, Vatican City.

Languages in Kiev and Ukraine

People living in Kiev are often bilingual and speak both Ukrainian and Russian (or at least understand one of them). Most of the younger people speak English.


Kiev metro system

The Kiev metro consists of three lines. Attendees of the conference should know that it connects both the center of the city and the railway station with the venues we are choosing between.


Money, currency and credit cards

ATM machines can be found everywhere, starting from the airport: in hotels, on the streets, and in large stores. Credit cards are in use, but be aware that they are not widely accepted in smaller shops, although it is possible to pay in hotels and stores.


The national currency is Ukrainian hryvna (UAH). The current (July 2012) exchange rate is ~9.9 UAH per EUR (nice value to make draft calculations). Hryvna is the only official currency in the country, but you can freely exchange euros and dollars in exchange bureaus, located in banks, hotels, or on street. and

The and the Perl monger groups are the two groups or Perl programmers in Ukraine and Russia having their own mailing lists, active members and offline meetings.

Perl events we've organized before

The group of the organizers that made this proposal is an experience group of people that has organized more than 20 Perl events in 7 countries since late 2007: Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Bulgaria, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Latvia.

We have also organized five YAPC::Russia, changing the host city between Kiev and Moscow. The last one, YAPC::Russia 2012 in Kiev had more that 200 people registered:

Among regular Perl conferences and workshops we do some experiments, like the First Baltic Perl Workshop in Riga in 2009 and the three day Black Perl event in 2011 on the Black See.

The most prominent event that we made so far is the YAPC::Europe 2011 in Riga. There were 300 people attending the conference. 

Contact information

Viacheslav Tykhanovskyi <>

Yaroslav Korshak <>

Andrew Shitov <>