“Saint Perl” 2011 Conference

Conference “Saint Perl 2011” is the third Perl conference which took place in St-Petersburg on December 18th, 2011. This date is a valuable day for Perl language.

Thanks to all participants!!!

Conference post-release:

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Saint-Petersburg, Obuhovskoy oborony, 70 / 2 (near "Elizarovskaya" metro station)


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Math faculty of St-Petersburg State University
Theory and practice in St-Petersburg - project to join people who seek for knowledge and people who share knowledge.

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Previous events

We’ve been orgarnizing Perl events since 2007 and have covered seven countries: Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Bulgaria, Latvia, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan.

One year ago, 18-Dec-2010, we organized the second Perl conference in St.Petersburg - «Saint Perl 2010»

Two years ago, 18-Dec-2009, we organized the first Perl conference in St.Petersburg - «Saint Perl 2009»

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