Black Perl 2011 Workshop

Sep 30 - Oct 02, 2011

Black Perl Workshop 2011 is the first (beta) Perl workshop which takes place on Sep 30 - Oct 2, 2011 at Black Sea, Ukraine.

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The Organizers are happy to announce that the workshop Black Perl 2011 was successfully conducted at Partenit village (Crimea, Ukraine) on October 1-2, 2011 on the shore of Black Sea. We are using word “workshop” meaning a meeting of professionals who are willing to discuss their ways of thinking and to improvise with their skills to obtain new vision for different aspects of their work. Black Perl is event organized by active members of which become a new member of European Perl event schedule and is going to become annual.

"The idea of organization of the workshop had appeared suddenly. As Organizers were not sure if we have any chances to catch the interest of Perl programmers to fill the conference. That was the reason for the “testing mode” of this workshop." - says chief organizer and leader of Yaroslav Korshak.

"The most important test for this workshop is whether Black Perl was effective and useful." – considers Yaroslav.

During those two days of workshop all participants had enough time not only for presentations and hackathon (with Relaxer application as the result), but also swim October sea.

There were 14 presentations during the workshop and the major motive of it was PSGI spec, Plack framework and web development. Among the spokespersons one could find such mastodons as Oleg Alistratov as well as young but professional community members as Viacheslav Tikhanovskiy, Serhiy Zasenko and Maksym Vuyets.

Thanks to the workshop’s guest from Black Perl could be considered as an international workshop.

Representative of Crimeant Perl community also has something pleasant to say about the event.

"Past two days had overcome all my best expectations from this workshop. Each spokesperson and each participant had made a valuable input to make this workshop interesting and productive, thank you guys! I guess that next year we will double our efforts to transform our workshop into an international Perl event. Please follow our updates on Twitter and Black Perl’s official website!" – Yaroslav proposes.


Fist day was devoted to accommodation, setup and meeting (Setup day).

The second and the third days was the traditional talk and lightning talk days. Talk submission form is open.

The official Black Perl language is Russian. Talks in Ukrainian and English are very welcome as well.







Setup day

Talks day

Talks day





The venue for Black Perl 2011 was provided by anonymous sponsor, address is  1 Kievskaya St., Partenit, Crimea, Ukraine.

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Conference Essentials

“Black Perl” title related to Black Sea on which side workshop runs.

Black Perl 2011 is a beta. That's why we are limiting attendance. We do our best to provide best quality for Black Perl 2012 next year.

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Please use the tag "blackperl2011" when you will post messages or photos in blogs to allow easy feedback through search engines.


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Partenit, Ukraine.