Conference “Saint Perl” 2010

Conference “Saint Perl 2010” is the second Perl conference which took place in St-Petersburg on December 18th, 2010. This date is a valuable day for Perl language.

Key speaker: Martin Berends (Netherlands), valuable member of Perl 6 team. Martin's presentation is about current state and future updates of the language.

Photo-report from the event:

Video of presentations:

Thanks to all participants!

“Saint Perl” is placed in the Art-space “Bye Bye Ballet”, Belinskogo str., 9, (metro Gostiniy Dvor).
Belinskogo 9 is a building with blue facade. You need to pass into the arch through central metal gates (they are open). Then enter the building through the right door and step up to the 3rd floor into Art-gallery "The Kitchen".

Registration starts from 10:30
First talk starts at 11:00
Schedule of talks and master-classes

The conference consists of two parts. First part is for speakers, their presentations and related discussions. Second part is Martin's master-class "Introduction into Perl 6". Don't forget to bring your laptops to take part in master-class, with loaded Perl 6 book written by its developers!
Modems (Yota or 3G) and electric wires (Pilot) may be also useful.

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Art space Bye Bye Ballet

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We’ve been orgarnizing Perl events since 2007 and have covered seven countries: Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Bulgaria, Latvia, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan.

One year ago, 18-Dec-2009, we organized the first Perl conference in St.Petersburg - «Saint Perl 2009»

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