Joint conference of «Perl Mova» and YAPC::Russia «May Perl» 2012

12-13 May. Kiev

This year the fifth joint conference YAPC::Russia — YAPC::Russia™ 2012 «May Perl™ + Perl Mova™» will be held in Kiev.

Special guests

This conference is especially attractive because of the participation of famous Perl hackers Tatsuhiko Miyagawa, Gabor Szabo and Florian Ragwitz.

Tatsuhiko Miyagawa is a creator of PSGI. He has released over 170 distributions on CPAN, including App::cpanminus, Plack, Starman, Twiggy and many others.

Gabor Szabo is an organizer of weekly Perl news Perlweekly, Perl trainer, author of Padre, creator of "DWIM Perl" and active member of
On 10-11 of May Gabor is planning a Perl Test Automation Training. If you're interested, please let us know!

Florian Ragwitz is a frequent contributor to the Perl 5 core as well as many Perl modules on CPAN. He is the principal organiser of the Perl Google Summer of Code and Google Code-in initiatives, one of the maintainers of MetaCPAN, and a speaker, contributor and attendee at many Perl conferences and events.


The official YAPC::Russia languages are Russian and English, all the slides are required to be in English.

Conference Essentials

«Perl Mova» («Perl Language») is an annual ukrainian Perl workshop which covers Perl trends, presents new technologies and helps experience exchanging between developers.

«May Perl» is the name of russian Perl conference which this year is held together with «Perl Mova».

YAPC conferences (Yet Another Perl Conference) are held since 1999 and combine several branches: YAPC::NA (North America), YAPC::Asia, YAPC::Brasil, YAPC::Russia and YAPC::Europe. Despite of the original geographical division, people from all over the world visit every conference.


Visa is not required for many countries (Visa requirements for foreigners entering Ukraine).


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Conference-hall «Panorama»,
Kiev, Sholudenko str. 3, «Cubic Center», 6th floor.



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