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Name   Mr. Андрей Шитов (‎ash‎)
City   Amsterdam
Country   Netherlands
Perl mongers group
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PAUSE id   andy
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Organizer of several Perl events in the Cyrillic territory:

* YAPC::Russia "May Perl — 2" 2009

* Second Ukrainian Perl Workshop "Perl Mova — 2" 2009 (

* BG Perl (first Bulgarian Perl Workshop) (

* Far East Perl (second Russian Perl Workshop) (

* First Belarusian Perl Workshop ( (plan for October)

* YAPC::Russia "May Perl" 2008 (

* First Ukrainian Perl Workshop "Perl Mova" 2008 (

* First Russian Perl Workshop "Perl Today" 2007 (

The leader of monger group.

In the past: Technical director of Art. Lebedev Studio; The leader of project evolution at Russian Agency of International News.

An owner of Russian Perl 6 blog ( — the only site in Russian entirely about Perl 6.

I also run DeepText (, the company for supporting Perl in Russian-speaking areas.
Other Act conferences: