We’ve been organizing Perl events—conferences, workshops, seminars, teaching classes and local group meetings—since 2007. A few thousand talented people from more than 50 countries have attended the events.








  • 10th Russian Perl Workshop “Saint-Perl—4”. Saint-Petersburg (Russia). 21th December
  • Joint conference “Perl Mova + YAPC::Russia”. Kiev (Ukraine), 12–13th May
  • 4th Bulgarian Perl Workshop “BG Perl — 4”. Sofia (Bulgaria), 10th March
  • 9th Russian Perl Workshop “Perlburg”. Ekaterinburg (Russia), 18th February


  • 6th Russian Perl Workshop “Saint-Perl—2”. Saint-Petersburg (Russia). 18th December
  • Joint conference “Perl Mova + YAPC::Russia”. Kiev (Ukraine), 12–14th June
  • The Perl branch of DevConf conference, Moscow (Russia), 17–18th May
  • The Perl branch of RIT++ conference, Moscow (Russia), 12–14th April
  • 5th Russian Perl Workshop “Perlburg”. Ekaterinburg (Russia), 20th February
  • 2nd Bulgarian Perl Workshop “BG Perl — 2”. Sofia (Bulgaria), 30th January


  • 3rd Russian Perl Workshop “South Perl”. Rostov-on-Don (Russia), 2nd November
  • 1st Belarusian Perl Workshop “BY Perl”. Minsk (Belarus), 18th October
  • 2nd Russian Perl Workshop “Far East Perl”. Vladivostok (Russia), 26th September
  • 1st YAPC::Russia “May Perl”. Moscow (Russia), 17–18th May
  • 1st Croatian Perl Workshop. Zagreb (Croatia), 15th August
  • 1st Ukrainian Perl Workshop “Perl Mova”. Kiev (Ukraine), 23th March




  • 14th YAPC::Europe 2013 “Future Perl”, Kiev (Ukraine), 12–14 August
  • 5th Bulgarian Perl Workshop “BG Perl — 5”. Sofia (Bulgaria), 9th February
  • Saint Perl 2013, Saint Petersburg (Russia), 21 December


  • 8th Russian Perl Workshop “Saint-Perl—3”. Saint-Petersburg (Russia). 18th December
  • The Perl Workshop on the Black Sea “Black Perl”, Ukraine, 30th September – 2nd October
  • 12th YAPC::Europe 2011 “Modern Perl”, Riga (Latvia), 15–17 August
  • 4th YAPC::Russia “May Perl — 4”, Moscow (Russia), 14–15 May
  • 3rd Bulgarian Perl Workshop “BG Perl — 3”. Sofia (Bulgaria), 26th February
  • 7th Russian Perl Workshop “Perlburg”. Ekaterinburg (Russia), 2nd April


  • 4th Russian Perl Workshop “Saint-Perl”. Saint-Petersburg (Russia). 18th December
  • Kazakh Perl Workshop, Kostanay (Kazakhstan), 28th November
  • The Baltic Perl Workshop. Riga (Latvia), 21st November
  • 2nd Belarusian Perl Workshop “BY Perl Too”. Minsk (Belarus), 17th October
  • 2nd YAPC::Russia “May Perl — 2”. Moscow (Russia), 16–17th May
  • Uzbek Perl Workshop “Perl Tashkent” (“Camel Perl”). Tashkent (Uzbekistan), 13th May
  • 2nd Ukrainian Perl Workshop “Perl Mova — 2”. Kiev (Ukraine), 7th March
  • 1st Bulgarian Perl Workshop “BG Perl”. Sofia (Bulgaria), 31th January


  • The First Russian Perl Workshop “Perl Today”. Moscow (Russia), 26th October


Our events were held in eight countries in Europe and Asia: Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Latvia, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and Croatia.

Conferences in the YAPC::Russia series are the main Perl-related events in these countries.

Moscow, Kiev, Minsk, Saint Petersburg, Vladivostok, Riga, Sofia, Ekaterinburg, Rostov-on-Don, Tashkent, Odessa, Ryazan, Kostanay, and Zagreb.

Corporate Support

During the years, a big number of companies, small and big, helped us in many different ways. Our sponsors understand that Perl is not only our history but also our future.

Contact information

Need help in organizing your local Perl event? Want to establish a local Perl group user? Have got a feedback about our previous events? Have suggestions on how to make it better? Eager in supporting new events?

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